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  • Red Stone: classes

    Red Stone: classes
    There are 15 classes to choose from in Red Stone. Pick the one that sounds most interesting for your action RPG style of gaming....
    Red Stone: classes

    Red Stone: kite

    Red Stone: kite
    As a mage, you may spend much of your time kiting from enemies. Your character is fragile at first and can have his spells interru...
    Red Stone: kite

    Red Stone: skill

    Red Stone: skill
    When you level up, you can learn new spells or upgrade older skills....
    Red Stone: skill

    Red Stone: stat

    Red Stone: stat
    Fighting and completing quests lets you earn more skill points. These points can be used to increase your character's statistics....
    Red Stone: stat

Red Stone Gameplay

Red Stone Gameplay

Red Stone Online is a free MMORPG developed by L&K Logic and published by OGPlanet. Red Stone takes place in a fictional fantasy world. Legend has that hundreds of years ago a mysterious red stone fell from heaven. Even now, this story is shrouded in mystery and adventurers still seek the red stone shards. It’s said that whoever finds such a shard will gain great wealth and power. This quest is not an easy task. Red Stone world, called Prandel, has dangerous monsters and zones that hide secrets. There are many who seek these shards and sometimes competition leads to fights. Red Stone adventurers can team up and form parties and guilds. Red Stone supports co-op play and massive guild battles.

To create a Red Stone character, players must select one of the 8 available classes. With each class having 2 specializations, Red Stone players cannot complain about poor role coverage. There are plenty of choices to match every play style and enough class versatility so players won’t be bored. Red Stone classes have stats: strength, agility, constitution, wisdom, intelligence, luck and charisma. Besides these 7 stats, characters have a HP pool, charge points, attack and defense power and resistances. Four or five stat points are gained with every new level. These points can be distributed to increase any stat. Each Red Stone class has its primary and secondary stats. This advancement system is common to most RPG games. Red Stone classes can be divided into 3 categories: physical melee damage, ranged damage and spell caster or summoner. Warrior, Thieves and Priests are melee classes. Ranged classes are Archer and Princess. Red Stone classes that mostly rely on spells are: Necromancer, Tamer and Magician. Fighting style is different for each class and sub class as they possess different abilities and skills. Charge points are used as a resource to perform abilities and spells. Some abilities generate charge points. Knowing how to manage charge points consumption is an important aspect of Red Stone free online RPG gameplay.

Quests are Red Stone PvE content. The main quest follows the story line and ends when Red Stone players complete the game’s final goal. Title quests are picked up from NPCs all around Prandel. They are not related to the main story but are helpful for character advancement. General quests are tasks that will reward players with all sorts of items. These quests are not mandatory but, if you want to speed up leveling and gold income, it’s worth spending time to complete them. Players interested in PvP should join a Red Stone guild and take part in battles between guilds. Red Stone MMO groups support 8 members and it’s easier to find people to team up with if you’re in a guild. Red Stone graphics have an anime style and isometric camera view.

By Rachel Rosen


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