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Record of Lodoss War Online is a fantasy RPG MMO created by L&K Logic and published by GameOn. Players discover the Cursed Island of Lodoss in the fictional realm named Arecrast where the War of Heroes is about to start. Record of Lodoss War Online players join a team with six other champions and together they set on a journey to liberate Lodoss and to restore peace. The adventure begins in Jackson, a small settlement. The game world, characters and events are based on the Record of Lodoss War novels. The writing inspired a series of anime, manga and various computer games. Record of Lodoss War Online is the first English MMORPG based on this franchise.

The character creation system has four main classes and eight specializations. Record of Lodoss War Online players start by picking one of the four classes. Esquire is a warrior class who fights with a sword and shield. This class can fill two combat roles: damage dealer or tank. The two Esquire specializations are Knight and Paladin. Controlling the Esquire in combat is pretty easy so this class is a good choice for novice online RPG players. The Magic User or the Mage is a half elf who graduated from the Sage Academy. Her studies helped her learn how to use magic for offense. The Mage is a pure damage dealer class with two specializations: Sorcerer or Warlock. The Oracle is also a spell caster but unlike the Mage, this class is about healing and support. Wearing cloth armor and a one handed weapon, Oracles cast HP restoring spells and buffs to help allies. Record of Lodoss War Online players who choose this class can become Monks or Priests. The Rogue is another pure damage dealer but with a different combat style. Rogues dual wield weapons and prefer light armor. Scout and Thief are the two Rogue specializations. NPCs such as Parn the Knight, Fianna the Princess or Ghim accompany heroes in their journey. Record of Lodoss War Online content is accessed using the Adventurer Association feature.

This system has six components. The office is the place from where Record of Lodoss War Online heroes can get details about missions and quests. The dungeon office unlocks access to expedition dungeons. Just like all MMORPG games, Record of Lodoss War Online supports guilds or players alliances. Those interested in creating a clan can check out the guild office. The supply depot provides storage and access to the game's store. Adventurers must visit the training center from time to time to upgrade abilities and learn new skills. Companions and allies are recruited from the pub. Record of Lodoss War Online is available as a free game with premium options.

By Rachel Rosen

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