Realms Online confirms huge content update and Halloween event

By Michael Jamias
realms online auction house halloween event

“Huge” is not an exaggeration as the planned update introduces a number of major features to the PvP-centered mmorpg.

Realms Online will be getting a full-functioning auction house which will allow the trading of items in the ultracompetitive free online rpg. It will also activate a complimentary mail system that will facilitate the delivery of items bought via auction house, as well as gold earned from selling items.

The power level in Realms Online is also about to blow through the roof with the introduction of Arcane Magnanite weapons for all classes, which can be obtained via a new quest. Also slated to arrive are new Legendary weapons and armor to be added to monster loot tables. But if grinding the drops is taking too long, the Diamond Lucky Box can become a quicker answer as it will soon have a chance at giving Legendaries.

In terms of balance, developers will redesign WarMaster disciplines with new powers and redistribute existing powers. Several zones will sport new looks and surprises, which fans can check using optimized map and mini-map systems.

On top of these substantial upgrades, Realms Online is hosting a week-long Halloween event until November 6. Premium themed items, such as a Zarkit costume, should become a popular purchase for rpg fans who want to celebrate the holiday in spooky style.


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