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  • Realms Online: RvR

    Realms Online: RvR
    Realms Online is a 3 realm RvR style game. The 3 realms fight each other over control of contested areas....
    Realms Online: RvR

    Realms Online: dark elf

    Realms Online: dark elf
    Different races can only choose certain races. Not every race is capable of magic, for example....
    Realms Online: dark elf

    Realms Online: store

    Realms Online: store
    The premium store will let you buy in game items....
    Realms Online: store

    Realms Online: combat

    Realms Online: combat
    Realms uses a standard RPG combat system. Lock on to enemies by clicking on them and then use abilties until they die. Tab, by def...
    Realms Online: combat

Realms Online Gameplay

Realms Online Gameplay

Realms Online is a free to play MMO that has a heavy focus on PvP and action orientated RvR (Realm VS) battles. Realms Online is a MMORPG game developed and published by Game Samba, the same MMO portal that hosts other popular titles such as Call of Gods and Star Supremacy. Players must choose to align with 1 of 3 factions fighting for control over various territories in the game world, Realms Online promises PvP action unlike anything you've ever seen.

Realms Online offers 3 playable classes, Warrior, Mage and Archer. As is traditional with MMORPG games, players must defeat monsters and complete a large variety of quests in order to gain experience points, in turn improving their characters level and making more powers and abilities available. Each class has its own set of unique skills, all helping to fulfill various archetype roles such as tank, healer and crowd control.

The Realm V Realm action evolves around the 3 warring factions fighting for control over a number of territories within the game, each RvR situation includes 3 distinct war fronts that players must fight through in order to reach the next stage of the RvR. The RvR combat in Realms Online features thousands of players fighting across multiple war fronts, with each hoping to gain control of certain zones in order to reap some great rewards. RvR eventually leads to intense PvP battles for forts and castles, offering various tactics for both the defensive and offensive sides.

Realms Online offers more than just adrenaline pumping PvP, the game is also host to a large number of PvE activities. There are literally hundreds of unique quests to complete, ranging from slaying a number of monsters to relaying messages between NPCs. The quests offer a large variety of exciting rewards from experience points to rare and unique weapons. There are hundreds of different monsters to battle, thousands of items to collect and a number of exciting dungeons to complete. Whether you want intense PvP or in-depth PvE, Realms Online has features that will cater to MMO players of all ages and experience.

By Rachel Rosen


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