Rappelz opens public test server for Prelude expansion

By Michael Jamias
rappelz prelude expansion pts

Webzen has unlocked the gates to the public test server for Rappelz: Prelude, the next expansion for the fantasy online rpg.

All Rappelz players can now get a sneak peek of the Prelude expansion, and help the mmo developers spot check any bugs with the game client. Testers can also freely suggest improvements that may eventually make its way to the final release version.

Since testing will only last for a week until February 18, the Prelude public test server will have significantly increased XP, Rupee and item drop rates. This will allow all testers to easily reach max level, test all aspects of the economy and check out the endgame balance.

Special boosts will even be available through a new in-game NPC to ensure all players can focus less on powering up and more on checking out all the features the expansion has to offer.

Among the major features lined up for the Prelude expansion plans are boss pet taming, dozens of new daily quests, and an overhaul of several instances.

Fans who want access to the Public Test Server will need to download the US client, and head to the official forums to get tips on how to make the most of your testing privileges.


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