Rappelz “Onslaught” Update scratches out new battle arena

By Michael Jamias
rappelz onslaught update

This eighth Rappelz content update, which launched November 20, also brings five new bosses and an easier-to-use item improvement system.

In the new Battle Arena, Rappelz players can group up in 32-man teams to take on exciting PvP matches. There are initially three modes available that should be familiar RPG Games fans.

In Team Deathmatch mode, the focus is on racking up the most number of kills. In Domination mode, secure the most pillars to claim victory. While in King of the Hill, taking control of the prized center will ensure top rewards of Arena Points, which can be spent for empty pet cards used for capturing the new update’s five new boss monsters.

The five elite bosses include Blight Ogre, Baphomet, Undine, Minotaurus and Drillbot – each of which offers powerful combat buffs such as amazing regeneration, and attack and defense buffs.

The Onslaught update also introduces a new item improvement system which enables stat-stacked weapons in the Rappelz MMORPG. This involves dismantling empty creature cards to obtain Awakening Stones, which in turn can be used on weapons to add five random bonus stats. It’s all in the luck of the draw though because the process can apply negative stats that, thankfully, can be removed with a Sealing Scroll item.


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