Rappelz previews content in Epic VIII Part 3 update

By Michael Jamias
rappelz epic viii part 3 preview

Tame bosses and take on four revamped dungeons in the upcoming Rappelz content patch.

Scheduled to release in the nebulous "near future", Rappelz Epic VIII Part 3 puts a great twist on the pet taming feature -- mmorpg fans are now allowed to capture in-game bosses and turn them into allies.

There's a special kind of pleasure to be had in taming 30 of the toughest bosses in the fantasy online rpg, then calling on their help wiping out other bosses. Developers said there will be more than 30 tameable bosses when the feature debuts.

Aside from boss taming, the Rappelz Epic VIII Part 3 expansion also drops 25 new daily quests, each rewarding bonus XP and special coins that can then be turned in for powerful items, so everyone regardless of their progression should find it worthwhile to complete these quests.

Dungeons also get a makeover, at least four of them did. These improved instances boast of new difficulty scaling options -- ranging from what we would call total beginner to master mode -- with commensurate rewards upon completion. This simultaneously makes the instances more accessible due to the easier difficulty modes but also amps up the challenge for veterans.


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