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Rappelz Epic 9.4: The Expedition update now live
A slew of new content has been added to the Rappelz dark fantasy mmorpg today. The Rappelz Epic 9.4: The Expedition update is now live, triggering six weeks of events for players as well as a new area, bosses, and items. Starting now and lasting through November 8th, players can get free items by staying logged into the game. Players can gain additional items by staying logged in for two consecutive hours, and the free items will change on a week...
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Sep 27 2016
rappelz rise power expansion live
Rappelz has dug up a new dungeon and immense new powers in the latest expansion Rise of Power which went live on February 2.The Rappelz Rise of Power expansion also known as Rappelz Epic IX Part 3 update is frontloaded with The Remains of the Ancients dungeon. This particular dungeon boasts of the strongest monsters yet to challenge resident MMO heroes: The Bloodthirsty Slaughterer, the Crystal Golem and the Grand Master Hector final boss. ...
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Feb 02 2016
rappelz remains ancients dungeon update
The past comes back not only to haunt but also hack away at Rappelz adventurers in the upcoming expansion update releasing on February 2.The Rappelz Epic 9.3 update -- the third part in a series -- dusts off a new dungeon called Remains of the Ancients featuring a couple of terrifying monsters and a final boss. Players will need to complete a dedicated quest line to receive a special token that grants access to the Rappelz Remains of the Anc...
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Jan 19 2016
rappelz parallel worlds expansion
An extra-dimensional threat seeks to make the Rappelz world bleed so heroes must jump to the perilous parallel world to quash the menace at its source.That's the premise of the Rappelz Parallel Worlds expansion, also known as Epic IX Part 2, which has just been deployed in the dark fantasy mmorpg. The new expansion unlocks the new same-named Parallel World raid dungeon which will put adventurers through the ringer against phantoms and other ...
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Jul 31 2015
rappelz masquerade expansion
We're off to hunt down demonic creatures at the circus in the latest Rappelz expansion called Masquerade. The Rappelz Masquerade expansion opens up the Red Spider Circus, a new instanced dungeon with four difficulty levels and a trio of terrifying bosses: Lilith, Mephisto and the Soul of Lunacy. Designed for level 160 players, this brutal dungeon should be worth the effort. Not only can you earn top-tier weapon, belt and accessory item drops fro...
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Sep 04 2014
rappelz prelude expansion pts
Webzen has unlocked the gates to the public test server for Rappelz: Prelude, the next expansion for the fantasy online rpg. All Rappelz players can now get a sneak peek of the Prelude expansion, and help the mmo developers spot check any bugs with the game client. Testers can also freely suggest improvements that may eventually make its way to the final release version. Since testing will only last for a week until February 18, the Prelude pub...
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Feb 12 2014
rappelz epic viii part 3 preview
Tame bosses and take on four revamped dungeons in the upcoming Rappelz content patch. Scheduled to release in the nebulous "near future", Rappelz Epic VIII Part 3 puts a great twist on the pet taming feature -- mmorpg fans are now allowed to capture in-game bosses and turn them into allies. There's a special kind of pleasure to be had in taming 30 of the toughest bosses in the fantasy online rpg, then calling on their help wiping out other boss...
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Oct 31 2013
rappelz onslaught update
This eighth Rappelz content update, which launched November 20, also brings five new bosses and an easier-to-use item improvement system. In the new Battle Arena, Rappelz players can group up in 32-man teams to take on exciting PvP matches. There are initially three modes available that should be familiar RPG Games fans. In Team Deathmatch mode, the focus is on racking up the most number of kills. In Domination mode, secure the most pillars to ...
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Nov 21 2012