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  • Rappelz: Job tree

    Rappelz: Job tree
    Here you can pick your class. Like Rift, you do not simply specialize into 1 tree. In time you can train second job and master cl...
    Rappelz: Job tree

    Rappelz: The world

    Rappelz: The world
    You first spawn in this area just filled with lava and red....
    Rappelz: The world

    Rappelz: Equipment

    Rappelz: Equipment
    The inventory and equipment is pretty standard for any RPG. Rappelz uses many hotkeys or a giant red button in the bottom left cor...
    Rappelz: Equipment

    Rappelz: Combat

    Rappelz: Combat
    The combat looks and feels like an older MMO. Have you played any MMORPG since about 2001? You will figure Rappelz out fast....
    Rappelz: Combat

Rappelz Gameplay

Rappelz Gameplay

Rappelz is a free MMORPG published by Gala on their popular GPotato game portal. It is set in a medieval fantasy world. Rappelz boasts 15 distinct classes under three different races along with skill customization, many unique and helpful pets, a guild versus guild warfare system, a weapon enchanting and upgrading system, and much, much more.

Rappelz allows you to tame many of the creatures you will encounter in the game. In order to tame a creature, you must have a "creature card" which will indicate a specific creature. When you encounter that creature, you use the card, and if the card is successful, the monster will become your pet after you have defeated it. Rappelz also has a system that will allow you to earn double experience and Job Points which are used to gain new skills. This is called the Stamina System and you can gain stamina any time you are logged in, and you can gain bonus Stamina while in a town.

Rappelz has both a party system and a guild system. The party system allows up to eight party members, to share experience and monster drops. There is no level limit on creating a party. However, for creating a guild, you must be level 20 and possess 100,000 rupees (in game currency). There are many helpful guild features such as the ability to see your average guild member level, the ability to have your own unique guild icon and name, the guild's status, and assorted guild news. Alliances can be formed by having up to 5 guilds come together.

In addition, guilds can also own dungeons. These dungeons are isolated places reached by portals. Dungeons have monsters that are stronger than other monsters of the same level, which in turn, grant more experience and job points. If your guild desires to own one of these dungeons, they must perform a Dungeon Raid. This is often called a "Time Attack" and pits your guild against the clock while you try to defeat the two bosses that guard that particular dungeon. If you set the best time compared to the other guilds, you will move on to attempt a Dungeon Siege. This is where your guild battles the defending "owner-guild" of that particular dungeon. If you succeed, you may set a rupee tax and generate income for your guild.

By Rachel Rosen


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