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  • Ran Online: character

    Ran Online: character
    Choose your character when you start playing Ran Online. There are 6 classes to choose from, and 3 campuses to align with....
    Ran Online: character

    Ran Online: Movement

    Ran Online: Movement
    You move around with mouse clicking in Ran Online....
    Ran Online: Movement

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    Ran Online: Zoning
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    Ran Online: Zoning

    Ran Online: Community

    Ran Online: Community
    Despite being from 2004, many players still play Ran Online, with active marketplace and community....
    Ran Online: Community

Ran Online Gameplay

Ran Online Gameplay

RAN Online, developed and published by Min Communications, is one of the veteran mmorpg games. It was released in 2004. RAN Online is the story of a post apocalyptical world. The players are among the few that survived. They have to join one of the 3 departments of SFG (Saint Foundation Group) to investigate the causes and find a solution to save the world. Originally, SFG has 4 schools but only 3 are playable factions. When creating their first RAN Online character, players must choose a faction. Sacred Gate, Mystic Peak and Phoenix are the faction choices. These factions (or schools) are at war with each other. The faction choice will determine who your enemies in PvP events are.

RAN Online has an extensive class system composed of 7 playable classes. Brawlers use their arms and legs as weapons and they are well trained in the martial arts. The Archer can use any ranged weapon. Swordsmen are melee fighters and can wield a sword like no other. Shamans have psychokinetic abilities that can be used for healing allies or damaging enemies. The Extreme class has a versatile combat style. They can master any weapon and this makes them great fighters. Scientists can use three types of weapons: guns, portal guns and rail guns. The Assassin is a RAN Online free rpg class that is proficient both in PvP and PvE. All classes have 4 stats: hp, dexterity, intelligence and power. Skills and abilities are unlocked depending on the preferred stat. To earn XP and rewards, players must defeat all sorts of mobs and bosses. All bosses have unique stories. Sonya, a RAN Online boss, is the product of several experiments. She can be found in Saint Research Complex dungeon along with other mobs. Sector 9 is another dungeon. It has 4 levels and each one is packed with mobs.

PvP is one of the main aspects of RAN Online gameplay. Players have the possibility to enter 1 vs. 1 duels but, massive guild battles are more exciting. Club Battle, Club Death Match and Lead Club Battles are RAN Online PvP events that support a large number of players. Players interested in upcoming events should check RAN Online free mmo official website. More about RAN Online can be found out by reading RAN Online comics, also available on the website. RAN Online features an item shop where players can buy mounts, pets, accessories and costumes. For convenience, RAN Online item shop can be accessed directly in game.

By Rachel Rosen

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