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    Rakion: character
    Choose your character when you start playing Rakion. There are 5 classes to choose from....
    Rakion: character

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    Rakion: Movement
    You move around with arrows keys in Rakion....
    Rakion: Movement

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    Rakion: Death
    There are many ways to compete in Rakion...
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    Rakion: Earn rewards by winning!

    Rakion: Earn rewards by winning!
    Rakion is a competitive game, play to win!...
    Rakion: Earn rewards by winning!

Rakion Gameplay

Rakion Gameplay

Rakion: Chaos Force is a fantasy free online RPG developed and published by Softnyx. Rakion features exciting battles that can be fought alone or with a group. Combat techniques and strategies vary so each encounter is a different challenge. Players can bash the enemy with fast, quick attacks or opt for using stronger but slower abilities. You will literally see your opponent's armor breaking. All sorts of trick attacks and moves can be performed by skilled players. Chaos mode is a Rakion feature that allows players to temporary transform into a ferocious creature with enhanced combat abilities. Rakion has a pet system. The class system and character development follow RPG rules. When characters level up, they improve their abilities and their pets performance.

A Rakion character has multiple stats. When a new level is gained, stats are upgraded. Stats of your own choice can be boosted by wearing special equipment: weapon, armor and accessories. Pets advancement is also controlled by players. Most of the time, Rakion players will travel the world to complete quests and battle enemies. There are zones and maps where players can engage in fights with specific victory conditions. Rakion free MMO has 5 playable classes. The Swordsman is the best class for melee DPS. He can equip heavy armors and swords. In chaos mode, swordsmen are capable of ranged attacks. The Archer is a female character and she is very skilled with a bow. Medium armor doesn't make archers suitable for close quarters combat. The Blacksmith's heavy armor slows him down so he's not a very agile warrior. However, he can output lots of damage using a hammer. The Mage is Rakion spell caster class. They are a support class with buffs and healing spells. The Ninja is a fast attacker that uses throwing knives and stealthy moves. After reaching level 99 (Rakion max level) and completing certain quests, characters unlock better weapons. Rakion weapons can be divided into melee and ranged types. Various armor parts cover a character's body from head to toe. Cell is a special Rakion item used for summoning pets. Accessories like rings and necklaces also improve stats.

Rakion games modes provide different scenarios. Golem war is about killing the enemy golem while defending yours. There are 2 death match modes: solo or team. Both of them have the same victory condition (scoring most kills). Boss mode is similar to Golem war but has a few particularities. Victorious players and teams receive XP, both for them and their pets, cell points and gold. A PvP Rakion team supports 10 players. If you want to be part of a larger and persistent alliance, you should join a clan. Clan wars are allowed. Rakion free to play MMO has a cash shop that accepts Softnyx cash.

By Rachel Rosen

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