RaiderZ rolls out Kowen Marsh zone and Battle Arena next week

By Michael Jamias
raiderz update kowen marsh battle arena

RaiderZ activates its first major update, "Broken Silence", on March 21, designed with fresh content for both PvE and PvP players.

For PvE fans, developers of the fantasy MMO have created the new Kowen March zone, a blighted land with fearsome new foes, including the frog-like Frorogi and vicious Kuld. Vanquishing these hard-hitting enemies will prove to be rewarding, providing players with valuable materials for crafting powerful new equipment such as the majestic Goddess Leather Armour.

440 new recipes and 100 new quests will make their way to RaiderZ, which promises months’ worth of action and completion goals for PvE players.

Meanwhile, PvP fans can test their strength against their fellow heroes in the all-out Battle Arena, which will offer 1v1 and 3v3 fight modes. There will be a matchmaking system in place, so players can look forward to exciting matches versus opponents of similar skill. The system also makes it ultra convenient to participate, with fighters teleported to the arena regardless of their current location, allowing players to queue into the arena while out on missions. Beginners can also go through a tutorial to prepare them for the intense arena clashes.

The Broken Silence content update also raises the level cap of the online rpg to 40.


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