RaiderZ invites all monster hunters to its free open beta

By Michael Jamias
raiderz open beta

RaiderZ, the monster-hunting rpg game from Perfect World, can now be downloaded and tried out for free.

To participate in the open beta, click the Play Now button at the upper right corner of the RaiderZ game page or visit directly.

The safari-like online rpg revolves around the wild survival concept of “Hunt Together or Die Alone” which requires teamwork from players to vanquish the deadliest creatures in the game.

Open beta players who log on from now to November 20 will also bump into the Halloween event, with monsters dropping candy loot as well as special event items including the With Feast broomstick mount and Skeleton’s Bow Toy item. Trick-or-treating costumes such as the Pumpkin Fairy Transformation Crystal and a handful of special MMORPG cash shop costumes will also be available for the duration of the event.

"The positive response from both players and critics alike to RaiderZ has been incredible," said Mark Hill, RaiderZ Senior Producer. "Today, we'd like to thank fans who've followed the development of the game and welcome everyone to join the RaiderZ Open Beta and explore the Kingdom of Rendel. This is just the first part of our commitment to provide a great experience for years to come."


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