RaiderZ launch trailer shows off massive monster mobs

By Michael Jamias
raiderz launch trailer

A dozen of RaiderZ's most badass monsters star in this hype video for the November 20 release.

RaiderZ is a monster hunting free to play mmo from Perfect World Entertainment set in the Kingdom of Rendel. As seen in this launch video, RaiderZ sets itself apart from most mmo rpg games online by pitting players against colossal monsters that often take up the whole screen and require a group of adventurers to defeat.

The video shows players in groups of four or more running to their next hunting prey, which range from dragons to golems to dark horsemen and all sorts of sharp-fanged monstrosities in between. It should also be noted that a lot of these challenging monsters are located in stunningly detailed environments which enhance the fight’s visuals.

Monsters seem to possess very powerful attacks that knock down players, and affect a large area of damage. Many also seem to be very mobile, running around the field, which should make positioning attacks more challenging.

The last part of the video treats us with actual combat footage of teams taking on these outsize monsters  and, more importantly, working together in the spirit of the game’s motto of “Live Together, Die Alone.” For those of you who want to join the great hunt, register and download now here or click PLAY NOW button at MMO-Play Raiderz game page.


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