RaiderZ Korea shuts down, but NA version to keep chugging along

By Michael Jamias
raiderz korea shutdown

After its closure in Europe, RaiderZ is also shutting down in Korea but the NA version published by Perfect World seems safe for now.

The RaiderZ Korea shutdown was announced by NeoWiz, with the game spending the nexth month wrapping things up before turning off the servers sometime next month. Neowiz was the same publisher of RaiderZ Europe so the closure was not too surprising.

But for RaiderZ NA fans, the fact that two international versions of the game -- and in major gaming regions at that -- was enough to cause some alarm that maybe the stateside version may also soon get the axe.

Thankfully, Perfect World has assured that RaiderZ NA will continue to operate and possibly even expand, based on their latest interview with fellow gaming site Lorehound.

In fact, developers said they were working on a major update that will deliver a fan-pleasing feature, and will be working hard to expand the MMORPG playerbase to "help keep the servers full and active."

Some in the forums have speculated that this could signal the free online rpg popping up on videogame digital distribution platforms like Steam and Origin. If so, more casual gamers could get into the monster-hunting MMORPG, and hopefully avoid the fate of its European and Korean versions.


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