RaiderZ Closed Beta Begins

By Michael Jamias
raiderz closed beta begins

RaiderZ, the ambitious new MMORPG in the monster hunting genre, has entered into closed beta testing starting August 9.

Selected players can now login to the free online rpg and discover the wild universe just waiting to be tamed.

"It's a good day to hunt monsters with friends," said Mark Hill, Senior Producer, Perfect World, which publishes RaiderZ. "We're excited to welcome closed beta participants to login and explore the world of Rendel—and we thank everyone in advance for helping make RaiderZ even better before it launches later this year."

In RaiderZ, players must "Hunt Together or Die Alone" if they hope to succeed in battle against Rendel's most deadly creatures, said Perfect World, suggesting that teamwork will only go so far; in the end, it is still up to you whether you survive or not.

RaiderZ boasts an action-oriented combat system, flexible class system, unique and engaging boss encounters, and stunning environments. For a free rpg title, RaiderZ has a refreshing adrenaline-pumping pace that emphasizes quick action and a hunter’s instinct to prevail over predatorial monsters.

Perfect World has not said when the closed beta will end, but we expect there to be an open beta a couple of months down the road, as per the usual MMO roll-out schedule.


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