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RaiderZ shutting down on August 7th
It's always sad to see an mmo shut down after running for a number of years. During that time, many gamers invested a great deal of time and emotion into the game, and it's always hard for them to deal with a game closing up shop. There are lots of reasons why mmos close down, but in the case of Raiderz shutting down, the reason is that the game's developer has ceased operations.Perfect World Entertainment announced on their Arc portal that a...
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Jul 10 2015
raiderz korea shutdown
After its closure in Europe, RaiderZ is also shutting down in Korea but the NA version published by Perfect World seems safe for now. The RaiderZ Korea shutdown was announced by NeoWiz, with the game spending the nexth month wrapping things up before turning off the servers sometime next month. Neowiz was the same publisher of RaiderZ Europe so the closure was not too surprising. But for RaiderZ NA fans, the fact that two international versions...
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Aug 15 2013
raiderz update kowen marsh battle arena
RaiderZ activates its first major update, "Broken Silence", on March 21, designed with fresh content for both PvE and PvP players. For PvE fans, developers of the fantasy MMO have created the new Kowen March zone, a blighted land with fearsome new foes, including the frog-like Frorogi and vicious Kuld. Vanquishing these hard-hitting enemies will prove to be rewarding, providing players with valuable materials for crafting powerful new equipment ...
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Mar 14 2013
raiderz launch trailer
A dozen of RaiderZ's most badass monsters star in this hype video for the November 20 release.RaiderZ is a monster hunting free to play mmo from Perfect World Entertainment set in the Kingdom of Rendel. As seen in this launch video, RaiderZ sets itself apart from most mmo rpg games online by pitting players against colossal monsters that often take up the whole screen and require a group of adventurers to defeat. The video shows players in g...
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Nov 20 2012
raiderz closed beta begins
RaiderZ, the ambitious new MMORPG in the monster hunting genre, has entered into closed beta testing starting August 9. Selected players can now login to the free online rpg and discover the wild universe just waiting to be tamed. "It's a good day to hunt monsters with friends," said Mark Hill, Senior Producer, Perfect World, which publishes RaiderZ. "We're excited to welcome closed beta participants to login and explore the world of Rendel—and...
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Aug 12 2012
raiderz open beta
RaiderZ, the monster-hunting rpg game from Perfect World, can now be downloaded and tried out for free. To participate in the open beta, click the Play Now button at the upper right corner of the RaiderZ game page or visit directly. The safari-like online rpg revolves around the wild survival concept of “Hunt Together or Die Alone” which requires teamwork from players to vanquish the deadliest creatures in the game. Open be...
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Oct 24 2012