Ragnarok Renewal Update Hits Europe

By Michael Jamias
ragnarok renewal update hits europe

Ragnarok Renewal, the massive new expansion for Gravity Online's free online rpg Ragnarok, has been slated for a summer release in Europe along with two other iOS games.

“It’s the biggest single evolution in the 10-year history of the global hit MMORPG,” said Gravity of Ragnarok Renewal, which will ushed in a wave of new classes, features and systems.

Thirteen additional classes in the 3rd evolution tier will be added to the roster of playable Rune-Midgard heroes. Statistics and skills will also be revamped, so players will be receiving a free reset to tweak their builds according to the new character progression system.

Ragnarok Renewal is free to download and play for the PC. Those with extra cash to burn can avail premium services, including costume items and account upgrades that unlock character slots and item storage.

Two mobile iOS games – Ragnarok Violet and Angel Poring – will also be releasing in Europe in tandem with Ragnarok Renewal. Both iOS games will be available via paid download on iTunes. Ragnarok Violet offers over 50 quests and 300 hours of gameplay in what seems to be a compact version of the MMORPG experience but with full-functioning weapon swap, costume change and pet systems. Meanwhile, Angel Poring focuses on the series’ adorable pink mascot who will need to solve through 70 puzzle levels.


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