Ragnarok Online: Prequel to launch as a browser mmo

By Michael Jamias
ragnarok online prequel a browser mmo

Watch the debut trailer for Ragnarok Online: Prequel, which is currently testing in China.

Ragnarok Online: Prequel is the official web browser game for Ragnarok, the popular mmorpg which has also recently received a sequel in the form of Ragnarok Online 2.

Ragnarok Online: Prequel though will not just be a copycat port of the classic Ragnarok to the browser mmo platform. While the majority of the features seem to have been carried over, according to MMO Culture, it will have a few cool new features of its own as well as drop some of the features fans have come to love from the original.

The dungeon system though functions quite similarly to other online rpg games like Dungeon Fighter and Dragon Nest.

The game is reported to have just ended its first test last month and is being developed by the Chinese studio, DreamĀ², which acquired the license and is tasked with translating the original into an equally addictive browser game.

There is no confirmation though whether Ragnarok Online: Prequel will be releasing to Western shores or even outside of China, although the chances are likely given the region's huge market as well as the pattern of release for Ragnarok games (both are available in many countries.)


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