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Ragnarok RE:START is a progression server MMORPG developed and published by Gravity Interactive. Players are given a once in a lifetime opportunity to relieve the Ragnarok Online journey starting from 2003, the year the original game was released. Ragnarok RE:START is basically a new game server that offers the initial implementation of the game. It's called a progression server because updates will follow and gradually transform the game into today's version of Ragnarok Online. The updates are scheduled to be released on a monthly basis. New Ragnarok RE:START players will be able to witness Ragnarok's evolution and veterans will once again experience some of their favorite old school content.

The land of Midgard is the realm where players discover a rich fantasy world based on the South Korean comic that is inspired by Norse legends. Ragnarok RE:START may be a server for the original free online RPG but it's treated like a new game. Players are required to make a new account and start a new character to enjoy the game's content. All new characters spawn in a place called the training grounds. Here they will meet some NPCs that offer guidance and prepare them for the adventure. Once players step outside the training area they will start exploring the diverse game world. Ancient woods and forgotten ruins await adventurers. Players are accompanied by their trusty pets. Ragnarok RE:START zones are inhabited by all sorts of creatures. Sooner or later, adventurers will have to face monsters in combat. They will kill monsters to complete quests and to acquire loot. Quests will also reveal the world's secrets. Ragnarok RE:START character system provides players with many ways to personalize their heroes. Players choose the right equipment to increase attributes and to make heroes more powerful but there are also plenty of cosmetic options to make them stand out from the crowd. The game's economy is player driven. Those who don't have a taste for adventure can try their luck in the business department. Traders can make a fortune by selling unique items.

Ragnarok RE:START has all the original 2003 content but also some new features to make it more fun and easy to play. RODEX is one of the new features. The achievements system, a feature seen in most MMORPG games, is available as well. Players can compare their achievements. Ragnarok RE:START has an item mall from which players can acquire all sorts of items, however, these items can be earned for free too by simply playing the game. The item mall is a convenient way to save time. Players can follow the game progression by checking out the dedicated Updates section on the Ragnarok RE:START website.

By Rachel Rosen

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