Ragnarok Online 2 livetests War of Emperium update July 10

By Michael Jamias
ragnarok online 2 war of emperium live test

Livetesting for the War of Emperium update will begin this July to ensure a smooth release in August.

WarpPortal said the War of Emperium update -- the next one in line for Ragnarok Online 2 -- will be released first as a live test format so players can provide feedback on its content and features. Developers will then use the fan feedback to finalize the content update.

Live testing begins next week, July 10 (Wednesday).

With the War of Emperium update, developers are planning to roll out the same popular guild fighting feature found in the classic Ragnarok to its sequel MMO.

In the original Ragnarok, the War of Emperium allowed guilds to battle for control of Castles that will then serve as headquarters for their guild. Control of a Castle unlocks benefits and special advantages.

The War of Emperium is seen to function quite similarly in Ragnarok Online 2, but developers are keen on improving on the feature so that it syncs with the needs of next-gen online rpg fans.

During the live testing period, players will be able to provide feedback via the official forums and a website survey. Developers will review the feedback and try to improve the feature in time for its August launch.

Ragnarok Online 2 players who do take time to join the live testing will be given exclusive giveaways for their efforts, promised WarpPortal.



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