Half-demon Noel race descends on Ragnarok Online 2

By Michael Jamias
ragnarok online 2 noel race

Don't be fooled by the new Noel race -- they're certified do-gooders despite looking like demons.

Available to play starting today in Ragnarok Online 2, the Noel race represents the first non-human playable race in the entire Ragnarok franchise history, according to Gravity.

Ragnarok Online 2 seems to be pushing for more visual variety than its predecessor mmorpg. Jason “Heimdallr” Koerperich describes the Noel races as “cute immortal devil-elf children wielding death magic, with a beautiful and tragic story; what’s not to love?”

We also get few interesting lore bits about the new race from this Noel race preview trailer:

Apparently, the Noels were ancient human allies that were tainted by demons but saved from utter corruption by a god's pure grace. They were also originally taller and more graceful, but the demonic influence warped their physiques so they eventually shrank and developed uncharacteristic horns and tails.

RPG Games veterans should also note the similarity of the Noel race to the archetypical Elf race with references to Yggdrasil and their lithe, pointy-eared appearance.

A fast factoid to probably why Noel was used as their name: Noel is another name for Christmas, which according to popular Christian tradition, marks the birth of Christ and was heralded by a winged angel messenger.


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