Ragnarok Online II joins the MOBA movement

By Tam Mageean
ragnarok online 2 moba

Following in the footsteps of Marvel Heroes, King of Fighters, StarCraft II and, well, everyone, Ragnarok Online II has developed a MOBA feature. The MOBA mini-game, known as the Grand Master Jehoon Training Site, will run integrally to the MMO, meaning you will rally your troops within Ragnarok Online II's virtual realms, while playing your usual game.

The group PvP features the typical towers and lanes format, with 7 towers, per team, to sequentially destroy, from small to large. There are also some "field towers", which are communal towers, that both teams can attack, that will create bonuses and hinder the opposition when destroyed. There'll be a bunch of monsters out in the arena for you to chip away at that'll help keep your team's "chakra" up too, for any budding junglers out there.

Winning teams will be awarded with blood points and random loot crates for you to flaunt infront of your victims.

If you'd like to check it out, speak to the new NPC at ChungLimSa in the Payon forest, with a full group in tow. Select ready once you're agreed on your tactics and away you go!

This lighthearted take on the MOBA is great for MMORPG fans who prefer the laid back style of their standard role-player, but are interested to see what it's all about. No economy development, no Roshan, no Nexus; just all-out, party PvP. Check it out and let us know what you think by commenting below.


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