Mass PvP erupts in Ragnarok Online 2

By Michael Jamias
ragnarok online 2 mass pvp

The newly released Ragnarok Online 2 update, War of Emperium 1.5, introduces mass PvP for guilds in the form of capture the flag type combat.

Ragnarok Online 2's mass PvP is a way for developers to spread the love when it comes to War of Emperium rewards. Time was when only the guild who owns the castle could receive goodies, but now with an expanded PvP map that includes multiple fortresses that are up for contention, suddenly more guilds can vie for prizes.

MMORPG developers also made a notable tweak to the gameplay by decentralizing the focus of Ragnarok Online 2 PvP from the Emperium.

Now, winners will be decided through an Occupation Score, which builds up through several actions like how long a guild manages to hold a castle and the number of fortresses conquered.

Mass PvP is expected to attract more online rpg fans to guild warfare because there are now more ways to win and claim rewards, instead of the previous version's propensity to just shower the top guild with all the prizes while leaving the others empty-handed. With more guilds vying for supremacy, it also gives room for up-and-coming contenders to rise through the ranks and make the PvP scene that much more competitive.


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