Ragnarok Online 2 previews Advent of Valkyrie update

By Michael Jamias
ragnarok online 2 advent of valkyrie update

Channel your inner tomb raider to overcome the new challenges in Ragnarok Online 2's upcoming desert-themed update.

The Advent of Valkyrie update opens the path to the ancient Morroc City where long-lost secrets and shiny treasure can be unearthed -- that's if you can bring them of the maze-like ruins alive.

Morroc City is located in the Southwest portion of the Midgard continent. Brave adventurers who brave the city must also battle the cruel elements, particularly heat, exhaustion and sand storms of the Dayr Desert.

And of course, beware the monsters and mummies that litter this forbidding realm. And if you're asking where the Valkyrie fits in all of this -- it's in the title after all -- well, that gets revealed as part of the unfolding storyline so no need to spoil it for you.

Along with the Morroc City content, another big feature arriving in this update is the Master system.

Max level MMO players have been twiddling their thumbs on how they'll power up their characters more, and this new system hopes to be the answer.

Basically, level 50 players -- that's for both class and profession -- will be able to access the Master system and customize their equipment, Stat and Skills choices.

Supporting this will be a fresh refinement system and additional crafting recipes that will raise your combat quotient in the online rpg.


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