Ragnarok Online 2 adds Job Master Levels in 1st anniversary patch

By Michael Jamias
ragnarok online 1st anniversary patch

It's been a year since Ragnarok Online 2 launched, and since then plenty of fans have already reached max level 50.

As part of the hefty 1st anniversary patch, developers have launched the Job Master Level system to give its loyal resident adventurers more power and progression to work towards.

By mastering the 50 Job Master Levels, players will be able to improve their combat skills and take on even more daring challenges. New fields and dungeons have been introduced which drop sweeter gear rewards and will test your newfound power.

The anniversary patch also metes out minor adjustments to the user interface to further streamline character management in the free online rpg.

Finally, what's an anniversary without commemorative giveaways?

There's a big raffle where one player will get to bring home a snazzy Aftershock gaming laptop. To qualify for this gadget prize, you just need to log in from today until February 6.

It's surprisingly simple compared to the tiresome contests that some mmo games tend to run.

But if you don't want to leave it all to luck, then you can also try to enter the Master Race in-game event and win for yourself a Razer Black Widow Mechanical Keyboard, a seductively deadly piece of gaming peripheral.


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