Ragnarok Online 2 News

ragnarok online 2 mass pvp
The newly released Ragnarok Online 2 update, War of Emperium 1.5, introduces mass PvP for guilds in the form of capture the flag type combat. Ragnarok Online 2's mass PvP is a way for developers to spread the love when it comes to War of Emperium rewards. Time was when only the guild who owns the castle could receive goodies, but now with an expanded PvP map that includes multiple fortresses that are up for contention, suddenly more guilds can v...
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Feb 24 2014
ragnarok online 1st anniversary patch
It's been a year since Ragnarok Online 2 launched, and since then plenty of fans have already reached max level 50. As part of the hefty 1st anniversary patch, developers have launched the Job Master Level system to give its loyal resident adventurers more power and progression to work towards. By mastering the 50 Job Master Levels, players will be able to improve their combat skills and take on even more daring challenges. New fields and dunge...
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Jan 07 2014
ragnarok online 2 advent of valkyrie update
Channel your inner tomb raider to overcome the new challenges in Ragnarok Online 2's upcoming desert-themed update. The Advent of Valkyrie update opens the path to the ancient Morroc City where long-lost secrets and shiny treasure can be unearthed -- that's if you can bring them of the maze-like ruins alive. Morroc City is located in the Southwest portion of the Midgard continent. Brave adventurers who brave the city must also battle the cruel ...
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Dec 20 2013
ragnarok online 2 moba
Following in the footsteps of Marvel Heroes, King of Fighters, StarCraft II and, well, everyone, Ragnarok Online II has developed a MOBA feature. The MOBA mini-game, known as the Grand Master Jehoon Training Site, will run integrally to the MMO, meaning you will rally your troops within Ragnarok Online II's virtual realms, while playing your usual game. The group PvP features the typical towers and lanes format, with 7 towers, per team, to seque...
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Nov 22 2013
ragnarok online 2 noel race
Don't be fooled by the new Noel race -- they're certified do-gooders despite looking like demons. Available to play starting today in Ragnarok Online 2, the Noel race represents the first non-human playable race in the entire Ragnarok franchise history, according to Gravity. Ragnarok Online 2 seems to be pushing for more visual variety than its predecessor mmorpg. Jason “Heimdallr” Koerperich describes the Noel races as “cute immortal devil-elf...
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Sep 11 2013
ragnarok online 2 war of emperium live test
Livetesting for the War of Emperium update will begin this July to ensure a smooth release in August. WarpPortal said the War of Emperium update -- the next one in line for Ragnarok Online 2 -- will be released first as a live test format so players can provide feedback on its content and features. Developers will then use the fan feedback to finalize the content update. Live testing begins next week, July 10 (Wednesday). With the War of ...
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Jul 05 2013
ragnarok online 2 official launch
Ragnarok Online 2, the much-anticipated sequel for the pioneering Ragnarok MMO, will begin its commercial service on May 1. Ragnarok Online 2 (whose full official title is Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second) has been holding more than a dozen open beta events, and developers promise that a similar event-heavy pampering will be offered at the release. Thousands of players have been participating in the open beta, drawn to Ragnarok Online 2’...
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Apr 25 2013
ragnarok online 2 open beta january 2013
Ragnarok Online 2 fans will have to wait a little bit longer to enter the English server as developers asked for more time to prepare for the “overwhelming” server demand. Ragnarok Online 2 is a visually upgraded sequel to Ragnarok, which at one point was among the most popular rpg games online internationally. The highly anticipated sequel to the original Ragnarok was set to open its first English server on December 27. But developers underest...
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Dec 28 2012