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  • Ragnarok Online 2: crafting

    Ragnarok Online 2: crafting
    New players must pick from one of 4 jobs when creating a new character. Hit 'J' to bring up your crafting window to build items an...
    Ragnarok Online 2: crafting

    Ragnarok Online 2: level

    Ragnarok Online 2: level
    As you gain levels you can specialize in a skill tree and add stats to your character. Focusing on one attritube may not be the mo...
    Ragnarok Online 2: level

    Ragnarok Online 2: overlay

    Ragnarok Online 2: overlay
    There are 3 options for maps in Ragnarok: No map, world map, and overlay map. Hit 'M' twice to bring up the overlay, similar to Di...
    Ragnarok Online 2: overlay

    Ragnarok Online 2: combat

    Ragnarok Online 2: combat
    The 'in thing' lately in MMORPGs has been action style combat. Ragnarok Online 2 focuses more on the traditional style. Locked on ...
    Ragnarok Online 2: combat

Ragnarok Online 2 Gameplay First Look - HD

Ragnarok Online 2 Gameplay First Look - HD

Ragnarok Online 2 is a free MMORPG developed by Gravity Corp and published by Asiasoft. There are many exciting Ragnarok Online 2 features but card system is one of the most popular. Each Ragnarok Online 2 character has 5 card slots. Every equipped card gives a specific perk or ability. Flying is a new Ragnarok Online 2 feature. Players are able to travel faster using short or far distance flying. Another way to make traveling easier is to get a mount. There are all sorts of unique Ragnarok Online 2 mounts. The party lookup system is also introduced for convenience. This feature allows players to instantly find a group.

There are 5 Ragnarok Online 2 classes. Swordsmen use heavy armors and swords. They are Ragnarok Online 2 tanking class. At level 25, Swordsmen specialize as knights or warriors. Ragnarok Online 2 Magicians can become wizards or sorcerers. Wizards are fire mages. Sorcerers use nature spells for support and healing. Archers are ranged fighters. They can train as rangers or beastmasters. Rangers can use traps. Beastmasters have a special ability that allows a beast transformation. Ragnarok Online 2 Thieves are a melee dps class. Their development path splits into assassin and rogue. Assassins are unseen fighters. Rogues prefer daggers and poisons. Ragnarok Online 2 free RPG has a crafting system. There are 4 professions (or jobs). Alchemy is a Ragnarok Online 2 job that deals with potions. Artisans gather leather from skinning mobs and cloth from drops. These mats are used for light and medium armor. The runes used to upgrade gear are also crafted by artisans. Blacksmithing is the profession for crafting heavy armors and weapons. The used mats are different types of ores. Ragnarok Online 2 chefs cook all sorts of food. After consuming food, Ragnarok Online 2 characters gain a buff. To create items, players must obtain the necessary recipe from special NPCs. Mats can be gathered while questing.

Dungeons are Ragnarok Online 2 instanced areas where stronger mobs and bosses can be found. There are 2 types of dungeons: normal and hard. New players should run dungeons in normal mode before trying on hard mode. However, better loot drops in hard mode. Khara missions are additional Ragnarok Online 2 challenges. Khara titles boost stats. Players who wish to PvP have 3 options. They can duel or join arena matches. The third option requires players to be part of a Ragnarok Online 2 MMO guild. This way, they can take part in PvP guild battles. Players can trade items via auction house or at their personal shop. To open up a personal shop, a Ragnarok Online 2 player must be at least level 10. Players looking for unique items should visit the Ragnarok Online 2 item shop.

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