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  • Raceroom Racing Experience: racing sim

    Raceroom Racing Experience: racing sim
    Raceroom is a racing sim that can be played using a keyboard on the PC. The controls can be a bit touchy using your keyboard....
    Raceroom Racing Experience: racing sim

    Raceroom Racing Experience: line

    Raceroom Racing Experience: line
    As you race a green line will appear. This is your recomended track. Try to stay near this line to optimize your time....
    Raceroom Racing Experience: line

    Raceroom Racing Experience: record

    Raceroom Racing Experience: record
    You can record screenshots and watch replays of your races in game....
    Raceroom Racing Experience: record

    Raceroom Racing Experience: flip

    Raceroom Racing Experience: flip
    Flipping your car is not that disasterous. You will 'respawn' after a few seconds. Thankfully your car and driver are both fine!...
    Raceroom Racing Experience: flip

Raceroom Racing Experience Gameplay

Raceroom Racing Experience Gameplay

Raceroom Racing Experience is a new racing game developed by SimBin Studios AB and published by RaceRoom Entertainment AG. Raceroom Racing Experience was first revealed at GamesCom 2012. RendR is a new graphic engine, specially designed for Raceroom Racing Experience. Although Raceroom Racing Experience has great graphics and provides high quality racing experience, it's a free to play MMO. Players can buy optional items in exchange for real money but there is no initial purchase or monthly fee required. Raceroom Racing Experience uses the new ImmersiDrive technology to create an authentic driving experience. Raceroom Racing Experience sound experience is also superior to other racing games. Social features and player interaction are also supported features. Raceroom Racing Experience offers a community portal where players can talk and share ideas about the game.

Raceroom Racing Experience is not fully released so there aren't many car models and game modes available yet. Two of the current available Raceroom Racing Experience cars are Aquila CR1 Sports GT and Saleen S7R. Each Raceroom Racing Experience car has certain characteristics like: weight, power, gearbox, maximum speed and drive. Different cars provide different driving styles. It’s just like playing a certain class in RPG games. Even if there aren’t dozens of cars or tracks to choose from yet, there is enough to test your driving skills. The bonus challenge feature provides additional content. For now, 2 Raceroom Racing Experience tracks have been released: Raceroom Raceway main and Raceroom Raceway bridge. Players that use wheels or joy pads don’t need to worry about support and game integration. The Plug’n Race feature automatically loads peripherals profiles. Raceroom Racing Experience available modes are championship and solo race. Apex Hunt game mode is designed to get players familiarized with new tracks. Players can challenge their real life friends or random Raceroom Racing Experience players. There are lots of Raceroom Racing Experience features planned for future release. Developers are expanding it and releasing new content bit by bit.

Both companies behind Raceroom Racing Experience, developer and publisher, are located in Switzerland. SimBin Studios AB is well known for creating other racing games like Volvo the game or RACE game series. Raceroom Racing Experience provides a friendly experience for starting players. New racers won’t have any troubles getting used to game mechanics. Raceroom Racing Experience creates a competitive environment for veterans and hardcore racing games fans. Because Raceroom Racing Experience is a MMO, players will easily find competitors. Leaderboards display the fastest Raceroom Racing Experience players. The race action is fast paced so even if you rank among the best, you will need to fight to maintain a top position. Right now, Raceroom Racing Experience is available for PC through Steam gaming platform.

By Rachel Rosen

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