Quantum Rush previews racer skin customization

By Michael Jamias
quantum rush racer skin customization

Are you a nitpicker for color customization? Quantum Rush is ready to satisfy your need for gorgeously hued, personally designed racers.

Throughout the minute-and-a-half racer customisation video below, developers show us dozens of color combinations that will soon be available to players and many more visual customization options are in the pipeline.

Still in early in development, racerl customisation options will focus first on racer skins. Players can choose their favorite dual tones to give their rides a striking striped skin, or opt for a sleek monochromatic look with pops of secondary color. In the video we even saw stunningly tinted versions that use 3-4 colors and even an army camouflage shell.

Think of these racer skins as the equivalent of hero armor in mmorpg games -- your way to stand out from the rest and also express your personal style.

Skins with further customisation on certain areas will be released in the future, assured developers. So look forward to swapping out your boring standard cockpit for a more stylish one, stick your favorite decals and even install underbody lights that will wow spectators in this racing online rpg.

All in all, Quantum Rush fans should soon be able to choose from hundreds of customisation combos to suit their personal driving and design tastes.

Quantum Rush is currently in closed beta.


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