Quantum Rush zooms into open beta

By Michael Jamias
quantum rush open beta launches

Fire up your engines! Open beta has begun for Quantum Rush, the futuristic action racing rpg from GameArt Studio.

Quantum Rush open beta sign-ups are being held right now, and there's little reason to wait. All new accounts registered by April 14 will receive 30 Qoins as a form of welcome gift from the MMORPG studio.

Quantum Rush racing screenshot

What's there to check out? The 20-man race mode has been activated and is sure to be one of the fan favorites who want to test their racing skills against other human pilots.

For those looking for a more destructive challenge, the combat-enabled Death race mode will also be available for play. In this mode, players get to control mounted cannons to forcibly derail other racers. They can also collect special pickup items like shields, homing missiles and other powers that can help swing the race results.

The Quantum Rush open beta launch also opens the doors to the garage management features, which include the ability to research new upgrades. Through this method you can outfit your vehicle with more powerful cannons and swifter engines that improve your chances in winning races.

This beta is a fresh start for everyone, resetting all the highscores and rankings achieved during the earlier closed beta. So if you're just planning to participate, you may just be able to land in the top tier with luck and impressive racing skill.


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