Quantum Rush mega update brings on NPC opponents

By Michael Jamias
quantum rush mega update npcs

You can now log on and not worry about having to wait a long time in queue as the Quantum Rush Mega Update activates NPC opponents to participate in races in place of player opponents.

Developers assured the NPC substitution will only occur when there are not enough players online to fill a full racing roster. What's nifty about the NPCs is that they come in various difficulties, making racing against them more dynamic and unpredictable. NPCs will vary in their racing skill, as well as their expertise in using weapons and pickups during a racing round in the MMO.

The Mega Update improves other aspects of the racing rpg, including optimizing the system to minimize lag -- developers have put in place a so-called "complex prediction and synchronization system."

A couple of quality-of-racing changes have also been applied, namely more intelligent pickups and a noticeably better camera behavior to give you that feeling of really speeding through the race track, giving that added immersive intensity (as opposed to just humming along).

Take a look at this Quantum Rush - Improves Sensation of Speed test to get a feel of the thrilling new viewing mode:

Players can also try out the new pickup Stasis Sphere, which has the power to slow down and damage racers by throwing out spheres on the race track. When first activated, it falls just in front of the leading racer and the spheres will last for a few seconds. The new pickup should give trailing racers a sly trick to slow down the leaders enough to catch up.


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