Quantum Rush fires up wider GT1 track

By Michael Jamias
quantum rush gt1 track

Quantum Rush veers away from its narrower track designs with its newly released and notably expanded GT1 track.

Built with more road space, the GT1 track -- it's tentative name for now -- allows racers to avoid crashes and maybe even finish the race without crashing into the track walls.

But to keep the track interesting, mmo developers have installed so-called slowing lanes on both sides of the track that can decelerate cars but will not cause energy loss. There's also a quarter pipe where passing players can find an energy restoration lane.

The GT1 track is available from Tier 1 to Tier 5, and was introduced in Quantum Rush's first patch for the year.

Together with the new track, this patch rolled out changes to existing tracks as well in order to make them more fun and balanced. For example, the Canyon track got more pickups and boosters pads while the Coastal and Airport tracks had their powerup distributions tweaked.

Developers have forbidden the use of weapons and pick-ups after completing the last lap that was being abused by sneakier players in the online action racing rpg. With many engines getting buffs their energy refill rate, it was also prudent to lower the refill rate on energy lanes to prevent racers from never running out of energy ever.


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