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Quantum Rush: Champions detail new boss challenges
The additions to Quantum Rush: Champions just keep on coming. GameArt Studio has been pretty busy making the single player version of their Quantum Rush game even better. Last week, the game company released the first of the rivals that players will have to face in order to unlock the next tier. Gamers got a good look at their future most hated competitor, Vengarra Gur, who's not above cheating to win a race. Now the game has released some more d...
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Nov 19 2014
Quantum Rush: Champions adds arcade mode
GameArt Studio has been adding a lot of improvements to Quantum Rush: Champions, their single-player version of their multiplayer sci-fi racing Quantum Rush game. For those players who spent the few dollars to enjoy early access to the game on Steam, they can look forward to some new content and a new game mode. The developers posted today that the latest Quantum Rush: Champions update adds the much-anticipated arcade mode as well as general bug ...
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Nov 04 2014
quantum rush champions steam early access
Remember Quantum Rush: Champions, the standalone single-player version of the futuristic online racer Quantum Rush? What seemed at first like a dream project has taken a step to full version completion with the launching of a Quantum Rush: Champions Steam Early Access version.As with all other mmo games and rpg games that launch in Steam Early Access, players can spend roughly $4 to purchase a work-in-progress version and play it on Steam. ...
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Oct 20 2014
Quantum Rush patch adds Deuterium Rally track
Fans of the sci-fi racing mmorpg, Quantum Rush, are getting some new real estate to challenge other players upon. GameArt Studio has just released the latest patch for the game, and one of the key components of that patch is the new Quantum Rush Deuterium Rally track that features some intense racing action. The new Deuterium Rally track is a mountainous track that is available for tiers 3 through 9. The developers of Quantum Rush stress that th...
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Sep 09 2014
quantum rush champions kickstarter steam
Last month we heard from Quantum Rush developers that they were mulling a single-player offline version for the action racing game -- and lo & behold, it's now on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight. With the name of Quantum Rush: Champions, this Quantum Rush spinoff will deliver a more extensive single-player content than the original MMORPG. Developers said Quantum Rush: Champions will have a new Career mode consisting of three indepe...
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Jun 16 2014
quantum rush single player offline
What do you do when your mmorpg is plagued with lags? For Quantum Rush developers, there are two options: Build more servers in different countries and continents, or just create a Quantum Rush single-player offline version.It's up to fans to ultimately decide what the final solution will be. Heated discussions are ongoing for and against either option, and developers welcome every bit of feedback from fans on what direction they should ultim...
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May 08 2014
quantum rush open beta launches
Fire up your engines! Open beta has begun for Quantum Rush, the futuristic action racing rpg from GameArt Studio. Quantum Rush open beta sign-ups are being held right now, and there's little reason to wait. All new accounts registered by April 14 will receive 30 Qoins as a form of welcome gift from the MMORPG studio.What's there to check out? The 20-man race mode has been activated and is sure to be one of the fan favorites who want to test ...
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Apr 01 2014
Quantum Rush preview
Racing can be an exciting event, but there are ways to add extra zest to the contest. How about racing in various futuristic ships that you can customize or being able to blast your opponents off the race track using your mounted weapons? If this grabs your fancy, then the Quantum Rush racing mmo is for you. We got the chance to partake in the beta and run the game through its paces. So how does the game shake out? Read on for our Quantum Rush be...
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Mar 25 2014
quantum rush closed beta developer race
Think you can outrace the MMO makers in their own futuristic racing game? Then jump into the Quantum Rush closed beta and test your driving and shooting skills against members of the developer team. All beta besters are invited to this Quantum Rush special racing event this Friday, March 21, at 4:00PM CET. All you need to do is log in and queue up for matchmaking for Death Race on tier 1 during the designated time -- then wait for the fun race ...
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Mar 19 2014
quantum rush mega update npcs
You can now log on and not worry about having to wait a long time in queue as the Quantum Rush Mega Update activates NPC opponents to participate in races in place of player opponents. Developers assured the NPC substitution will only occur when there are not enough players online to fill a full racing roster. What's nifty about the NPCs is that they come in various difficulties, making racing against them more dynamic and unpredictable. NP...
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Feb 22 2014