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Project Powder Gameplay

Project Powder Gameplay

Project Powder is a sports mmorpg, originally developed by Bluecat and published by Outspark. At the moment, development and future patches are also handled by Outspark. Project Powder is a snowboarding game where players develop rpg characters, gain XP, equip gear and compete against other players. There is a little bit of story behind Project Powder. Due to global warming, winter has completely disappeared and so has snow. Using the warp gate and wormholes, traveling to distant planets is now possible. Snowboarding enthusiasts embark on journeys to alien worlds covered in snow so they can still practice their favorite sport. Racing on unknown tracks is not easy but the prizes and glory make it worth.

There are 4 Project Powder playable characters: Max, Ross, Beth and Nikki. All of them are teenagers or young adults that love snowboarding. Max is the elder of the group and his wise decisions keep everyone safe. Ross is Beth’s younger brother and he’s very eager to prove he’s a skilled snowboarder. Beth is a fierce competitor but doesn’t like to brag about it. Nikki started snowboarding only to gain approval from the group but she became addicted to this sport in no time. When creating a Project Powder character, players can choose from various outfits. Cool trick moves can be learned after completing an associate quest. There are level requirements for acquiring trick skills. Some moves are more difficult to perform and require coordination and fast reflexes. Project Powder tricks are similar to abilities in rpg games. Each Project Powder character has a trick tree that lists all available tricks. Another rpg feature is gear enhancement. Items can be socketed with gems. There are gems that increase speed, jump height, XP gained and so on. Gems can also be upgraded to provide better stats.

Three game modes offer Project Powder players the possibility to compete and gain rewards. You can team up with others or compete 1 on 1. Race mode is the simplest mode where the first player that reaches the finish line wins. In Battle mode, players are given items that can be used for gaining temporary advantages or to slow down the other competitors. Coin mode rewards the player that acquires the most coins. There are several Project Powder maps with different difficulties. The pro shop is Project Powder mmo cash shop. The premium currency used to purchase goods is sparkcash. Players can get new outfits and snowboards to equip their Project Powder characters. Project Powder mechanics are easy to learn and there’s a short tutorial that will get new players familiarized with the game.

By Rachel Rosen

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