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  • Priston Tale 2: class

    Priston Tale 2: class
    Each of the 3 realms in Priston Tale 2 has 3 classes to choose from....
    Priston Tale 2: class

    Priston Tale 2: skill

    Priston Tale 2: skill
    As you level up, you earn skill points that can be used to specialize your character. There are 4 trees to choose from!...
    Priston Tale 2: skill

    Priston Tale 2: quest

    Priston Tale 2: quest
    Remember to gather, complete, and turn in quests. They will tell you where you should be leveling and give plenty of xp, gold, and...
    Priston Tale 2: quest

    Priston Tale 2: fire

    Priston Tale 2: fire
    If you do not have any ammo, you may find yourself relying entirely on your spells. My fire spell can 2 shot these guys but does h...
    Priston Tale 2: fire

Priston Tale 2 Gameplay

Priston Tale 2 Gameplay

Priston Tale 2 is a fantasy-based MMORPG from GamerKraft. The game features a large variety of exciting features, including in-depth class progression, engaging storyline and NPC characters, and a plethora of deadly dungeons to explore filled with vicious creatures.

There are 3 base professions available in Priston Tale 2, Morion, Tempskron and Sophetio. Each base professions has 2 distinct progression paths, with each featuring up to 4 different classes. This offers players a good variety of choices when progressing with their character, allowing them to choose a role and ability set that match their personal tastes.

Another exciting aspect to Prison Tale 2 is the highly engaging Clan vs. Clan PvP system. Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday events are held for clans to earn the right to qualify for the main event held every Sunday. Each PvP battle takes place in an arena type setting where players must destroy various objects belonging to the other clan in order to earn points, the clan with the most points at the end of the round are victorious. This community driven PvP scene creates a highly competitive atmosphere unique to Priston Tale 2.

A great feature to aid new players into the world of Priston Tale 2 is the Master and Apprentice feature. New players, Apprentices, are able to apply for a Master via the website. Masters, long-term knowledgeable players, can then partner with an Apprentice to help them through quests and offer valuable advice. Both parties are rewarded for their efforts, making it a great system to introduce new players to the various game mechanics and community.

Stepping away from the typically mundane design of monsters, Priston Tale 2 takes the free to play RPG bestiary to new levels. Instead of offering identical monsters with different colored skins, the game boasts dozens of different monsters to battle against, each with their own sets of skills and abilities, posing players a different challenge every time they enter battle.

By Rachel Rosen

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