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By Tam Mageean
prime world launch

Part MMORPG, part MOBA, the hugely anticipated Prime World has finally arrived.

After almost 3 years of anticipation; the mmo, developed and published by Nival has reached its official launch date. The mmo first began to turn heads on the convention circuit, way back in 2011, marketing itself as a competitive, PvP and PvE MOBA that uniquely utilizes a MMORPG-style, persistent character progression system, meaning your characters are far more engaging, and much more appealing to traditional MMO fans.

Prime World has had a successful run of betas, featuring a cornucopia of differing modes. From campaigns and skirmishes, to defender and co-op battles and through an estimated 7 million beta testers; it seems like every corner of the mmo's potential has been explored and pushed to its limits, and has proven itself to be more than battle-ready, prior to the official Prime World launch.

Prime World Screenshot

The devs proudly announced the Prime World's exodus from open beta on their homepage this morning.

"You've seen the world changing around you; drums of war beat in your ears and rumors of exciting things to come were whispered in the taverns. All of that has lead to this moment. The prologue has reached its end..."

Today also sees the French and German localizations come to life, as well as a "plethora of festivities" including loot and yield multipliers, to celebrate the launch.

Be sure to click on our link and check out the freshly cooked Prime World, in all its launch-day glory, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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