Prime World News

prime world user survey
Prime World is running a big user survey as developers plan to roll out big upgrades and more events and similar to its recently successful winter series. On top of getting feedback on how to improve their community events, the Prime World user survey also tries to find out the general mood surrounding the player base. Sample questions include "How would you rate the quality of Prime World?" and "What features do you miss in Prime World?" Some...
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Jan 28 2016
prime world launch
Part MMORPG, part MOBA, the hugely anticipated Prime World has finally arrived. After almost 3 years of anticipation; the mmo, developed and published by Nival has reached its official launch date. The mmo first began to turn heads on the convention circuit, way back in 2011, marketing itself as a competitive, PvP and PvE MOBA that uniquely utilizes a MMORPG-style, persistent character progression system, meaning your characters are far more eng...
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Mar 31 2014