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    Prime World: castle
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    Prime World: talents
    While in game, navigate your heroes' talent tree to customize yourself for your game....
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    Prime World: heroes
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Prime World Gameplay First Look - HD

Prime World Gameplay First Look - HD

Prime World is a combination free mmorpg and moba game developed by Nival, known for intense strategy games such as Silent Storm and Heroes of Might & Magic V. Nival calls Prime World a "social strategy" game that can be played on both computers and mobile devices and is Facebook-integrated. Players take the role of lords and ladies in a fantasy world where two factions, the Keepers of Adornia and the Dokht Imperium, battle for control of the energy source called Prime. This energy source gives its users powers and can reshape the world.

Every player in Prime World has their own castle that acts as their base and where their heroes reside. The castle is constructed to the player's wishes and the building can range from the purely ornamental to vital structures, such as mining facilities, that produce raw materials required to create additional buildings. Castles can progress and expand over time as the player continues to build and upgrade.

Heroes are the tools for the player in Prime World. Each hero has their own class and abilities, and these heroes will become more powerful as they level. The player can create talents at their castle or win them in battle. These talents are used to give Heroes  even more power and there are countless combinations that can be experimented with. The players send their heroes out to fight both other players for PvP and NPCs for PvE action.

There are several modes of play for Prime World. The standard mode is Borderlands where PvP follows the classic DoTA mold of three lanes with turrets and two bases. Dragonwald is more PvE-centric while Apocalypse brings out the zombie hordes. The other two gampelay modes are the defensive Homeland and Outpost, a fast-paced battle with only a single lane. As the player conquers more territory, the new lands will transform to reflect the new lord's holdings. Players receive Prime for defeating monsters, towers, enemy soldiers, and enemy heroes, and this Prime is used to purchase new talents for the player's heroes.

Social interaction is paramount in this combination free mmo rpg and multiplayer online battle arena game. Players can choose to be front-line warriors if they wish or they can help their friends out by acting in support roles or by providing buffs by playing a mini-game away back at the base camp. The gender of the player takes a huge role in Prime World. Players of the opposite gender can help protect each other with certain talents. In addition, players who group up may have different options open to them, such as shopping or hunting, based upon their gender.

By Jeff Francis


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