Pockie Saints welcomes in lavish wedding ceremonies

By Michael Jamias
pockie saints wedding ceremonies

Matrimonial bliss and all the XP and reward perks that come with it make their way to Pockie Saints.

Pockie Saints wedding ceremonies allow players to pair up and undergo wedding ceremonies, unlocking XP boosts and special item rewards for the couple.

Added in the latest update to the Zodiac-inspired fantasy mmorpg, wedding ceremonies require potential partners to be single, level 40+ and have an intimacy level of 4 with each other. And just like in real life, weddings have been designed as momentous but expensive affairs in the free online rpg.

The groom will need to spend 520,520 gold for an effective marriage license, not counting the gold or crystals to be spent for the actual wedding day. This seems to be a high enough cost to keep marriage a relatively special ceremony.

Male characters will do the brunt of the marriage preparations in Pockie Saints. They will need to register with the NPX Father Chika to initiate the wedding, pay the gold fee and set the date for the bride to appear in the same scene together.

Grooms can choose from three types of weddings, which range from the Economical Wedding costing 209,120 gold to the Normal Wedding costing 999 crystals to the Deluxe Wedding costing 1,999 crystals. More expensive weddings naturally provide better themed rewards, such as Diamond rings for Deluxe Weddings and special avatar effects.

Weddings can also be made into an interactive spectacle. Friends can be asked to send blessings and gold during the wedding, which will be converted to XP rewards for the couple.


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