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    Pockie Saints: skills
    Pockie Saints features an in depth skill tree to customize your class....
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    Pockie Saints: factions
    The three factions each have their own story and main city. Do you prefer order, chaos or balance?...
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    Pockie Saints: pets
    Pets progress along with their masters. Bring them to fights so they gain experience. But keep your pet happy or it will refuse to...
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    Pockie Saints: questing
    This browser based game uses quest based leveling. At low levels, you can simply allow the auto questing system to do most of the ...
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Pockie Saints Gameplay First Look - HD

Pockie Saints Gameplay First Look - HD

The signs of the zodiac come alive in Pockie Saints, the browser-based free mmorpg developed by NGames. Players take on the role of mighty heroes seeking the legendary Blade of Chaos in order to dominate the world and determine the struggle between Order and Chaos. In the beginning, the god of Order, Isus, fought with Kreel, the god of Chaos, over which power would rule the universe. While Isus won, he was too weak to continue his lordship, so he sealed himself into eternal slumber with the defeated Kreel and created the 12 gods of the zodiac to watch over his world. These gods would then mark the bodies of those born under their sign and bless them with certain benefits.

As time passed, the 12 zodiac gods passed into a deep sleep and three different empires arose in the world of Pockie Saints: the Glory Empire, the Star Empire, and the Dark Empire. Each empire has their own agenda that they seek to fulfill. The Glory Empire follows Chaos and seeks to get rid of Order and defy the control of Isus. On the opposite extreme, the Dark Empire seek to impose absolute order upon the world. The Star Empire lies ideologically in the middle seeking to balance Order and Chaos. Into these world falls the mighty Blade of Chaos, and citizens of all three empires seek to gain the blade for their own use. Players also seek to awaken the gods of the zodiac by collecting Medals of Order.

There are three classes available in this fantasy mmorpg. Each class in Pockie Saints has their own unique skill trees, which unlock new and higher level abilities as players level. Warriors serve as the front line of combat, using their tough bodies to outlast their opponents. Assassins are swift melee combatants capable of inflicting devastating criticals upon their foes. Mages are adept at using magic for ranged attacks as well as providing healing for themselves and their comrades.

The zodiac plays a central part in Pockie Saints. When a player creates their character, they choose which zodiac sign their character is born under. As a character levels, they can get powerful holy armor by fulfilling specific goals. Completing one set of goals will unlock new ones for the player to achieve. Players can also check their horoscope on a daily basis. Horoscopes can provide up to three buffs a day.

As players quest through the world of this browser-based mmorpg game, they will not do so alone. Players can acquire pets which can help them in battle, providing bonuses for the player. Pets can level up and acquire new and powerful skills to aid the player. There are different quality levels for a pet, and as pets rise up in quality level, they receive more skill slots, better attributes, special skills, and a different appearance.

Pockie Saints is an easy-to-get-into browser-based game and is family friendly. The bright colors and cutesy-style graphics allow for the entire family to enjoy the game. What zodiac sign will your character be born under and which empire will you serve in your quest for the Blade of Chaos?

By Jeff Francis


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