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Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II is a free to play action multiplayer game developed and published by Octoshark Studios. Rules are simple. Three teams meet on the battlefield and compete according to different game modes and scenarios. Similar to RPG games, Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II offers multiple playable classes. The three enemy teams are pirates, vikings and knights. Three classes are available for each team. Each class or hero has a balanced skill system. Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II players will have to learn how to use hero's strengths to make up for his weaknesses. Each game mode plays by different rules so all heroes have a chance to prove themselves on the battlefield.

Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II is a team based game so players have to cooperate to win matches. Although the game is not a MMORPG, the class selection is somewhat similar. Those who decide to be on pirates side can choose between skirmisher, sharpshooter or captain. Skirmishers are ranged fighters equipped with gunpowder kegs that explode damaging faraway enemies. Sharpshooters are a hybrid between ranged and melee. Pirate captains are accompanied by a parrot who is a fierce combat pet. Knights heroes can become heavy knights, man at arms or archers. Heavy knights equip damage resistant armor and fight with a great sword. Man at arms favor maces, bucklers and halberds. Archers use bows and arrows to deal damage from a distance. The three vikings heroes are gestir, huscarl and berserker. The first class is a good choice for Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II players who like to alternate between melee and ranged fighting styles. Huscarls can use two handed weapons, throwing axes or equip a sword and a shield. Berserkers use heavy weaponry such as giant axes. Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II has action combat. Players can block or parry enemy attacks. Counterattacks can be performed as well. Strategic combat features enable players to deliver fast attacks or charge their primary attack and wait for an opportune moment to strike their foe.

Six game modes are available. Booty, one of the most popular Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II modes, is none other than the well known capture the flag scenario. This mode is a PvP favorite present in many games including MMORPG games like World of Warcraft. Territory mode requires players to control objectives. Trinket wars is team death match with a twist. In this mode enemies are killed with trinkets. Classic team death match is present as well. Objective push mode requires players to complete various tasks. In last man standing mode, the Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II team that manages to defeat the other two wins the match. Each mode can be played on a variety of maps. Battlefields range from medieval castles to catacombs and ships. Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II is available from Steam.

By Rachel Rosen

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