Pirates Online Retribution Open Beta Announced Amidst Death Threats

By Jeff Francis
Pirates Online Retribution open beta announced

Pirate-themed mmo games are extremely scarce, especially as Pirates of the Caribbean Online shut down almost four years ago. However, a dedicated group of developers are looking to revive that particular game, and they have just announced the date of the Pirates Online Retribution open beta. The open beta of the revamped classic mmo is scheduled for May 26th, but there are some mitigating circumstances.

It seems that conflict will not just be limited to the virtual high seas when the Pirates Online Retribution open beta kicks off. It seems that a rival group has also been seeking to resurrect Pirates of the Caribbean Online. Their project is titled The Legends of Pirates Online (TLOPO), and a bitter dispute has been going on for some time that even includes death threats, doxing, DDOS attacks, and even swatting. According to the developers of Pirates Online Retribution, the people at TLOPO have been seeking to undermine them in illegal, slanderous ways. Most of the events seemed to have happened last year but the bad blood apparently continues to this day.

Here is what was posted about the swatting incident: "The delinquency of the TLOPO Staff climaxed just two days ago when an entire Law Firm was swatted. TLOPO had foolishly mistaken the building complex for the address of one of our own Staff members. Several people were injured in the process, and the resources of the Atlanta PD, Dunwoody PD, Sandy Springs PD, and John's Creek PD were wasted for over 6 hours. There is currently an active investigation happening at this very moment which involves all four of these Police Departments as well as Interpol. On Monday, I will be handing over all of the evidence I have when I personally sit down with a team of investigators to assist them in putting the individual(s) responsible behind bars."

As for the death threats, this was posted as well: "I took the initiative of warning TLOPO that I have proof of their guilt and involvement in these attacks, and to turn over the individual(s) responsible, which they not only refused to do, but threatened to carry out more Swat attacks, cause "accidental" gas-leaks, and even threatened to hire a hit-man to murder my girlfriend if we went through with our planned release. Just the other day, a user of the TLOPO Forums posted a very extensive and detailed DOX of me, Sarah, and several members of my family for all to see. This user wasn't even banned. Moments later, I began to receive PMs from several people who had taken screenshots of his posts throughout the TLOPO Forums. It wasn't until Davy Darkrage finally deleted them long after being posted that they were finally taken down, by which time, dozens of people had already screenshotted the post(s), many of whom are already using the DOX for malicious purposes.

TLOPO is literally threatening to murder members of the Pirates Online Retribution Staff. Take a moment to try and comprehend this. It almost begs belief. Even after speaking on the phone with the Dunwoody Police Department for almost an hour for the first time just the other day, it still took me a while to accept that this was actually happening."

Crazy stuff. Still, the Pirates Online Retribution open beta is slated to start next week on May 26th. Yet there is another potential fly in the ointment for the pirate-themed free mmo. I don't see any indication that Disney has licensed or given the okay for either Pirates Online Retribution or TLOPO to resurrect Pirates of the Caribbean Online. It's quite possible that the open beta may be short lived if Disney decides to send out a boarding party of lawyers.

You can read the drama between the two competing games here and here.


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