Pirates of the Burning Sea interim update will focus on fixes

By Michael Jamias
pirates of the burning sea interim update fixes

In a new roadmap confessional, Pirates of the Burning Sea devs promised solutions to long-standing localization problems.

The next interim update for the pirate themed free to play mmo will troubleshoot the localization system and tweaks to ships and consumables.

The localization bugs, in particular, made choosing the correct language version a nightmare for international players so the developers are putting the problems to rest with fixes. Pirates of the Burning Sea has a lot of non-native English-speaking players, so the fix is meant to appease a big chunk of the current player base.

This is all well and good, but when is the new Pirates of the Burning Sea update coming out?

Developers said it could take some time before the free rpg could see more significant game updates. This is because of a recent back-end hardware change whose systems are still in disarray, preventing the design team to push forward with game content changes.

In the meantime, expect more quality-of-play improvements such as updating the installation and patch client so that newer players can download it relatively easier than before. The website is also getting a redesign, especially those related to the account and payment systems. The landing page should also have a fresher look soon, said the developers.


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