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By Michael Jamias
pirate 101 artist day in the life

KingIsle art lead Melissa Preston who overseas art production for the Pirate101 shares a day in her life.

Preston said that her day begins reviewing the art work that has been completed or in progress, and from there tries to review whether they fit with the design, tone and style of the pirate-themed rpg.

Evaluating the fit of each art work to the grand scheme of things helps keep all artists -- from concept and character to environmental and UI -- aligned to a cohesive vision, she added.

Art is also developed closely with story and design. If there is new material, then the art assets need to be developed with great consideration to the written descriptions and directions set by other departments. In this sense, we see that art development is a very collaborative process, especially in the context of building the vast MMORPG world of Pirate101.

But this does not mean that artists are merely drone workers who mindlessly churn out one piece after another. In fact, Pirate101 artists possess the freedom to inject their own take to how the art, and by extension, the world, of Pirate101 is created.  

As the art lead, Preston simply makes sure that there is an environment that gives artists "freedom to visualize the story in an exciting way." She also acts as the troubleshooter who makes sure that issues that could affect artist production processes and timelines get resolved properly.


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