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Fourth Pirate101 anniversary
Shiver me timbers! It's hard to believe that the Pirate101 mmorpg is turning four years old today. To celebrate this momentous milestone, KingsIsle Entertainment is throwing an in-game party for players, and the best feature is that everyone can get their grubby pirate hands on a hoard of free birthday items. The fourth Pirate101 anniversary celebration begins now and lasts through November 2nd.During the fourth Pirate101 anniversary celebrat...
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Oct 14 2016
pirate 101 return to valencia update
The battle against the Armada rages on in the new Pirate101 update, and no less than the tyrant Kane will be stepping into battle to quell any resistance. To take on Kane and continue the Pirate 101 Return to Valencia quest line, you must first complete the A Call for Help quest in Aquila. Then you can chat with Captain Avery which will trigger the storyline extension.Along with the Valencia content, players will be able to power up their cha...
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Jun 17 2016
pirate 101 ranked pvp
Pirate101 has been sharpening the Ranked PvP feature over at the test realm, but the perfectionists there seem to be approaching satisfaction and have announced the nearing release of the feature on the live realm.Pirate 101 Ranked PvP will be packaged with the new Pirate's Regatta and other features in this month's August update.  Ranked PvP pits players against each other in order to earn ranks, badges and rewards. As a dedicated...
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Aug 05 2015
Pirate101 adds new tower in September update
It's a rollicking time to be a feared pirate as KingsIsle Entertainment has announced a slew of new content for the free to play mmo, Pirate101. For those high level players who have already completed all the Mooshu and Moo Manchu side quests, they can now venture into the new Pirate101 Tower of Moo Manchu instance for some sweet loot. This ten level tower offers rare loot, multiplayer chests, and special badges to those hardy adventurers willing...
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Sep 05 2014
Pirate101 update adds new content
It's a good time to be a pirate as you sail along the coast of Skull Island as a slew of new content is coming with the new Pirate101 update. Players of the free to play mmo are gaining several new features to spice up their adventures, along with a host of tweaks and bug fixes to keep gameplay smooth and enjoyable. The two new features for Pirate101 that will have players dancing a sailor's jig are the advanced pets and advanced companions...
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May 12 2014
pirate 101 artist day in the life
KingIsle art lead Melissa Preston who overseas art production for the Pirate101 shares a day in her life. Preston said that her day begins reviewing the art work that has been completed or in progress, and from there tries to review whether they fit with the design, tone and style of the pirate-themed rpg. Evaluating the fit of each art work to the grand scheme of things helps keep all artists -- from concept and character to environmental and ...
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Jul 24 2013