Could Phantasy Star Online 2 be heading West?

By Tam Mageean
phantasy star online 2 west

The NeoGAF forums have unveiled an interesting find this week, that could suggest that Sega may be looking to bring the sought-after mmorpg, Phantasy Star Online 2 to Western shores.

mmo fans in North America and Europe have been clamoring for a Phantasy Star Online 2 Western release since the game first hit the drawing boards, but have sadly had to look on enviously as Japan gets all the spaced-aged fun.

Phantasy Star Online 2 has had 18 months of strutting its stuff out in Japan, with a Vita port in-tow and iOS and Android versions set for release in early 2014. However, when it comes to news of launches in North America and Europe, news has been scarce, negative, or non-existent.

With this in mind, you have to give it to the die-hard PSO fans of the NeoGAF forums for their Sherlock Holmes-level deduction skills. A job opening has been advertised on behalf of Sega, looking for a server engineer based in Vancouver to work on "an existing live MMO project in development in Japan, embedded with the live team" and NeoGAF Admin, Nirolak and his buddies have a strong feeling that the project placement is to localize Phantasy Star Universe 2 in North America. The Studio in question is Relic Entertainment, who are wholly owned by Sega, and best known for the Dawn of War series and, more recently, Company of Heroes. Aside from Chaos Online, the only logical Japan-only Sega title would be Phantasy Star Online, which has already been made English-capable for the Southeast Asian market, where English is typically the dominant international language.

The call for an English-speaking sever engineer could, of course, simply be to cater for South East Asia, but keep those positive thoughts in your head; an English-language version of PSO2, alone, is something worth shouting about.


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