Phantasy Star Online 2 prepares for English-supported launch

By Tam Mageean
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As the possibility of a localized version of Phantasy Star Online 2 remains frustratingly indifferent, mmo gamers in South East Asia look forward to a whole new version to play with.

The English localization has been put together for fans of the space aged mmorpg in South East Asia, in countries where Japanese isn't a predominant language, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines. The whole venture has been taken on by third party, Asiasoft Online, with a beta commencing next week.

Despite the English Phantasy Star Online 2 launch not making its way to Europe and the Americas, the launch is seen by many as a glimmer of hope, and for others; a back door into playing the white whale of the mmo world.

With an English version in the pipeline, which has now been announced for a beta launch on April 10th, the possibility of a Western launch is that tiny bit more likely, even if it's just for logistical reasons. In addition, it will hopefully spark cries and petitions from PSO fans in the sequel-less parts of the world and get the attention of developers and potential, third party, localizing partners.

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If nothing else comes from it; at least there's solace in the thought that, somewhere out there, an English language PSO2 exists. Hopefully, there'll be a way in for gamers outside of Southeast Asia. At present, the Japanese original can be accessible, with the assistance of some patch magic.

Do you think it's still worth pursuing PSO2 out West? Let us know in the comments section.


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