Phantasy Star Online 2 to feature weapon crafting

By Tam Mageean
phantasy star online 2 crafting

Weapon upgrades have taken a dynamic leap in Phantasy Star Online 2. The mmorpg has typically limited its weapon advancements to drop-specific enhancements and basic weapon grinds, but will now become considerably more versatile.

The new Phantasy Star Online 2 Weapon Crafting System, known as Weapon Extend will allow players to significantly boost weapons stats and attributes by crafting them with items found in-game. PA Fragments and other ingredients can give your weapons that extra bit of oomph, or you can outright pay up some of your hard-earned Meseta to level up your photon-powered goodies.

One example of a crafted weapon, demonstrated by Sega in a recent livestream event, shown a Vita Sword jumping from 376 -ATK to 1017 S-ATK. What this means, is significant boosts in a weapons performance, granting you much longer longevity with some of your weapons. That Dragon Slayer you picked up at Level 14 will no longer be retired to storage as you approach the level cap; a little bit of crafting, and your more sentimental weapons can join you for so much longer.

The Crafting system will be based on chance, with weapons and items having differing success rates (although they will always succeed, to an extent), and the ability will only work on 1* to 10* items, not S items. You'll be able to upgrade attributes such as S-ATK, R-ATK and T-ATK, and will even be able to expand some weapons so that they'll work on multiple classes.

Crafting will be available on the mmo from January in Japan, so keep your eyes peeled for some of the weird and wonderful Ghuralian creations to come!


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