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phantasy star online 2 summoner
Budding mmo witches and wizards were left devastated in 2015, due to the cease and desist notice slapped on the unofficial Harry Potter mmorpg that was in the making. Whether or not it featured the Harry Potter name was irrelevant for many - all they wanted was to wave a wand, keep a pet familiar and wear awesome cloaks. It's starting to look like that endeavor has all but fell away, but Phantasy Star Online 2 has got you covered. The longstan...
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Jan 26 2016
phantasy star online 2 anime premiere
2015 has ticked over completely, adding another year to the tally for Western mmo fans who still haven't seen a true localization of Phantasy Star Online 2. The franchise has always done incredibly well and has maintained a strong fan following since the Phantasy Star saga first began in the late 1980s. Despite the huge fan following, it's starting to look pretty bleak for Phantasy Star Online 2 in the West. So, with that in mind, today is a pr...
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Jan 08 2016
phantasy star online 2 anime america
As the final glimmers of hope fade away, regarding a Phantasy Star Online 2 launch in the West, news is travelling that we may, at the very least, get to see the anime series. The announcement comes from Sentai Filmworks - an American anime distributor that has acquired the rights to Phantasy Star Online 2: The Animation and aims to put it out as part of its Winter 2016 season lineup. Sentai Filmworks have said that the mmo inspired series, "wi...
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Dec 30 2015
phantasy star online 2 anime trailer
We can go on all day about whether or not we'll see Phantasy Star Online 2 in the West. It's looking like a no. Let's move on. So with that out of the way, there's still a lot of life left in the beloved mmorpg and even if we'll never get to truly play an English Language version on western shores (without a bunch of PC trickery) we can still enjoy other fruits of the Phantasy Star Online franchise. Most notably, the new Phantasy Star Online 2 ...
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Nov 24 2015
phantasy star online 2 ps4
At this point, it almost feels like there's a bet going on over at SEGA HQ. Are they playing a joke on Western PSO2 fans? They must be. Surely. It feels like Phantasy Star Online 2 news is popping up more and more frequently, and, despite it typically being great news, it's never quite the news that we all want to hear. From a new anime series, to the temporary IP un-block on the PSO2 SEA servers, we've seen our fair share of announcements surr...
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Aug 17 2015
phantasy star online 2 anime
As the weeks, months and years pass, the hope of a Western Phantasy Star Online 2 launch glows ever dimmer. However, it still has an immense fan following over here, with every scrap of merchandise and every remote videogame tie-in getting snapped up at a moments notice. Seriously guys, we want it! The Phantasy Star heritage, the lore and the unique community that it can summon all add to what makes it great and, even without a localization of t...
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Jul 14 2015
phantasy star online 2 stage
Yes, that title is correct. Phantasy Star Online 2 is getting its very own stage show, which will be Live and on stage later this week. Many mmo games have made an attempt to collide their sci fi and fantasy realms with ours. From Blizzard slamming a giant Gorehowl battleaxe into the top of a New York City Cab to promote World of Warcraft, to CCP celebrating their EVE Online community by building a monolithic statue in their honor, developers ha...
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Dec 01 2014
pso2 aug patch
For Sega and AM2 fans, who still bask in Sega's Dreamcast glory days; today, the third of the month, marks the day that Chawan symbols are left in cafe's all over the world and Save Shenmue hashtags are brandished at the end of every tweet. This happens on the third of every month, and will continue to do so until Sega fanboys get the long awaited finale to the Shenmue story that they've been crying out for, for over a decade. Sadly, for a large...
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Sep 03 2014
pso2 english
Despite the English Language version of Phantasy Star Online 2 spending over a month in closed beta, and a successful one at that; rumors have been rife that the sci-fi mmorpg localization was going to be delayed. Phantasy Star Online 2 has been out in Japan since summer 2012, and the rest of the world has looked on with envious eyes, hoping for a world-wide launch. With this in mind, Sega embarked on an ambitious mission, with the assistance of ...
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May 15 2014
phantasy star online 2 english
As the possibility of a localized version of Phantasy Star Online 2 remains frustratingly indifferent, mmo gamers in South East Asia look forward to a whole new version to play with. The English localization has been put together for fans of the space aged mmorpg in South East Asia, in countries where Japanese isn't a predominant language, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines. The whole venture has been taken on by third ...
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Apr 03 2014